The island is a "bridge " that connects the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, and has the shape of a butterfly, located between Anafi, Kos and Amorgos. It is the westernmost island of the Dodecanese.

Full of hills, with beautiful beaches and picturesque villages, invites visitors on a magical journey of the Aegean blue and white houses.

Chora, the capital and port, stands on a rock protruding into the sea, forming two bays. On the one side is the harbor and on the other the bay of Livadi. Chora is connected to the harbor Pera Yialos, and is one of the most beautiful capitals of the Aegean. The top of Chora is dominated by the Venetian castle of Guerini, built with traditional local dark stone, surrounded by white houses.

The exterior walls of the house, create a wall with small windows. Inside the castle there are two white churches with ornate stone spiers of Our Lady of the Annunciation and St. George. Across it stands the castle of St. John , the tradition wants it a impregnable shelter of residents from pirates.

The stunning windmills located in the pass over Skala in Chora, have a cylindrical shape and their roofs turn depending on the wind direction.

The island is divided in Mesa (inner) and Exo (outer) island with a sandy lane called Steno with a length of 100 meters. If there wasn't for this narrow strip that joins the two parts, Astypalea would separate into two neighboring islands. Boats take visitors who want to enjoy deserted beaches on nearby islands Koutsomyti and Sirna.

In Exo island you may want to visit St. John and admire the waterfall as well as the Livadi, south of the capital, with its great beach . In Livadi you can admire the fertile valley with fruit trees and beautiful flowers. A colorful image that blends beautifully with the coastal landscape.

To the south of Mesa island you will see Maltezana beach, the most popular resort Astypalea. Maltezana named after Maltese pirates who have their base island . Here, in 1827, the French Bigot burned his ship to avoid being captured. On the northeast side of the island is the lagoon Lost Lake, the coast is built the Vathi. From there you can visit by boat Cave Dragon, Cave Negroy or south the Italian fortress Castellano.

For day trips there are islands Chondro, Ligno, Agia Kyriaki, Koutsomitis with beautiful beach and Kounoupi. Also there are Aderfia, Syrna and Trianisia . To the west of the islands Ktenia, Pontikoussa, Ofidoussa, Katsagreli in the north Fokies.

As for those who fear snakes be aware that Astypalea is the only island in Greece that there are not any snakes because it is filled of storks that ... exterminated them.

Island ideal for summer holidays because it offers plenty of fish, calmness and cool temperatures.