On February 2 , the feast of the Virgin Flevariotissa which is the winter rendezvous of Astypaleans. It's game day which is celebrated with a feast , traditional dances , food and plenty of wine .

The biggest festival of the Assumption island becomes to Panagia Portaitissa ( weekend August 14-16 ) . The first night , the eve of the Virgin , after vespers , there is celebration in the churchyard . On the day , outside the church , usually cook " Lampriana " ( stuffed lamb ) . Invited all guests and friends of the island .

The next day , the " koukania " - organized by the Municipality and the Cultural Organization - with swimming laps , " giaourtotaisma " ( blindfolded feeding each other yogurt ) and " rooster " tie - a fake cock at the edge of a wooden pillar which have smeared with grease . The competition lies in who will arrive first in cock , walking on the grease !

On the 4th of September, the icon of the Virgin of Portaitissa and relics of Blessed Anthimos in Country ending in the municipality and from there to the home of " festive " , which is sanctification and then feast.

On September 8th is the feast of the Virgin of Thomas Vathi , where offered food and wine. A feast with island dances .

On September 8, the feast of the Virgin Poulariani with much feasting and dancing .

On October 26, St. Demetrios in Maltezana where after running a feast and dance .

On July 27, St. Panteleimon .

On 6 August Savior Christ , over the dam, where here and after running a feast and dance