Chora (the town)

Capital and port of the island , built on a hill into the sea forming two bays: the port - Pera Yialos- and Livadi bay. At the top of the Castle built of dark local stone, the white domes of the Annunciation and St. George emerge. White houses around with blue doors and windows and wooden railings on the balconies. Among them , churches and domed churches. In the "neck" of the hill eight windmills, the ornament of the Town. Farther along is the traditional cafe and a little farther the Town Hall from whence the two main roads that reach the Castle. Each leads to a well known church, the Monastery of Panagia Portaitissa to the side of Livadi and Great Panagia to the side of Pera Gialos.



Seaside village spread along a fertile valley on the homonym bay, the Livadi is the island's flower garden. The gardens with mandarin, orange groves and vineyards, and houses bedecked in flowers, spread across the width and length of the stream which leads to a beautiful beach with sand and small pebbles. One of the major advantages of this beach is the shadow of small trees along.



Seaside village with fine sand that is spread out over a small valley in Exo Island . The name Maltezana reference to the pirates who pillaged the Aegean and found refuge in the bays of the island . The village hugs the bay with a long jetty where the boats dock and reaches the orchards and vineyards.



It is a very enclosed bay (about 50 m ), more like a lagoon. Vathi has two small settlements outside, located at the entrance of the bay and has small ladder for mooring the boats and the Internal Vathi, which is in the gulf, with fields, few trees and vines. In Deep can reach the visitor road crossing passable dirt road.